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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prezentating....World Cafe Method!!

My last grad class is Ethics and the Teacher in Society.  We were all hoping for a professor that would take it easy on us due to it being our last course of our program. Although it is not as easy as we had hoped, it is really making me think.  This course is having me think of all my actions in a different way. 

In our course, we have to present an activity that aligns with the chapter our professor presents to the class (everyone is assigned a different chapter). 

I love to do different activities to change it up so I created a Prezi. If you haven't used Prezi, it's a free online presentation system.  There motto is thinking outside of the powerpoint slide.  As with anything new, the more you use it the more you understand it.  You can begin by importing your PPTs and then creating something completely new. 

While on the adventure to seek a new way to present to my colleagues, I came across World Cafe Method.  I remember this method from my undergraduate days, but forgot about it.  I think this would be a fabulous way to incorporate in your classroom into a lesson.  Of course, this would be something the students would need to be modeled for awhile before letting them go to this method.  It's a great way for collaborative dialogue and their is one leader for the group,while the other students/participates rotate to another group. 

Although the ideal grouping time is 90 minutes, I plan to shorten it for my grad class & my students.

Tell me what you think, have you used this in your classroom- Prezi &/or World Cafe?


I am back!  I had taken a hiatus and a lot things have happened since then...I finished my thesis, presented my proficiency portfolio (another graduation requirement), completed my first year of teaching the STAAR 4th grade, and finished teaching GT camp.  I am officially on summer break now! (Although, I am completing my last graduate class & then I will be obnoxiously adding M.Ed to everything. LOL!)

I feel like I haven't posted (especially with all that has transpired since my last post) in 10 years, which is how long it's been since the last Spider Man movie.  I was invited to attend a press screening of the Amazing Spiderman, which I brought my sister, for her birthday, with me.  Although, both Ethan (7 yrs old) & hubby really wanted to attend.  I told Ethan that I needed to preview this movie first before we took him to see it and I am glad I did.  It is rated PG-13, which I will not be able to show at school.  Nevertheless, I think it is good teaching practices to know the popular things that your students would be talking about and bring that knowledge into teaching.  **I think by the time school comes around the kids will still be buzzing about this movie.**

Although, I was invited to attend this movie all the ratings and recommendations are my own.

I did not do any history of this movie before attending, except for watching the previews. I knew I wanted to see it, because I adore Emma Stone. She is a great actress, that always plays witty and stand out roles. Emma Stone, known as Gwen Stacy did not disappoint in Amazing Spiderman. Another one of my all time favorite actresses is Sally Fields, Aunt May. I feel this was the best time for Amazing Spiderman to be released because of the success of the blockbuster Avengers. I haven't really been a BIG comic story fan, but after Avengers I was hooked to see any superhero movie again. My sister and I were confused at the beginning of this movie, if this movie would be a continued back story of the other three previous stories. After watching this movie, I knew it couldn't be. It is the beginning of the SpiderMan story and it was amazing! I feel although only 10 years ago, the SpiderMan movies were released with Toby Maguire and Kristen Dunst, it was time to release it for the next generation.

As in any superhero, SpiderMan movie, there is a lot of action.  There were several times when I was holding my breath waiting for the scene to come to a close. I was literally on the edge of my seat in some scenes.  But I really enjoy the quietness and the back story in action movies.  The chemistry between Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) felt real and strong in their scenes.  Their relationship growing on the screen reminded me of high school sweethearts and the energy of young love. After watching the movie, I found out that Stone and Garfield relationship is a real relationship, which could be the reason for those pure bond you felt in their scenes.

Also I really enjoyed the hero, Peter Parker, evolving in this story.  As any teen going through identity issues, especially with the lack of biological parental involvement, Parker evolves from an egocentric teen to saving others and doing good. 

This is a must see to be ready for those kids in the fall. The take away from this story, which is very much awesome, is doing what you can for others.  Being a student that would not stand for wrong doing and helping others.  Another effort to spread this message is the Be Amazing, Stand Up, and Volunteer campaign. This campaign is remarkable and has me cheering for this movie even more. This is a great way to show our students that there is a deeper message in all stories.

I plan to see this movie again with my hubby and look out for Stan Lee (didn't see him the first time). I will not bring Ethan with me because the villain is too scary for him. Also stay during the credits for a teaser for the next Spiderman movie.

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