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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Insightful Games + Math = FUN!!!

Insightful Games +1 more equals MATH FUN!

While Matthew and I were creating our updated Crazy 8 game, Ethan & DH created their own game with the UNO cards.

They drew two cards and added the cards value together.  Then when DH felt E was warmed up then he added a card to have him add up three cards.  He had a great time adding up the totals. But when it came time to play "real" UNO, we were minus an Uno child. (E didn't want to play the real game!)

While I was updating the Crazy 8 game, to have numbers 3-21, Matthew asked if he could write the numbers instead of me.  **Mommy was having a silent party, because that means he created it and will have much more ownership in playing this game + he practices writing his numbers.** The Crazy 8 cards had 4 sets of the same numbers or suit.  I decided two of the same number was fine and we left the 8s alone because we needed more of those numbers because it was still CRAZY 8!  :)  We just wrote over the numbers to turn the values to a double digit number- 4 to 14 or 2 into 20 & 21.  In Texas, Kindergartners only need to recognize numbers to 0-21 & since he loves UNO, Crazy 8 & Go Fish, why not update it to meet those TEKs he needs to master. 
The winner of this game is MOMMY!!! Of course, Matthew too because we combined fun games (which he created) + math skills to equal FUN LEARNING!!!!

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