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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rock the Red Pump!

Hello ladies!

I found this site The Red Pump Project.  I love a good cause, especially for women and/or children.  This campaign's goal is to gain awareness of HIV in women.  This is an insert from the The Red Pump Project page:“Every 35 minutes, a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States.“

They launched this project to get "blogsphere" to give recognition of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) and to create conversation of their efforts to get others aware.  This is the fourth annual Rock the Red Pump™ bloggers campaign.  You can go to their website to register and then get free badges to put on your blog. 

**I am not a pump kind of gal.  There are others that can Rock Pumps and even run in them, ie Carrie Bradshaw, but not this gal.  I do own a pair of red shoes, but they are TOMS.  (Another great cause!)  I am sure The Red Pump Project, would not mind my "flat" red pump.  :)

Be blessed!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Revealing the BIGGER Picture

The life of a mother, wife, teacher, and graduate student never ends. If I could stay plugged into my computer 24/7, I would to find the answers to all my questions.
Being a lower level teacher for most of my teaching career the fundamentals are being taught and they don't know much so there isn't much of a foundation to build on. But in upper grades, those primary foundations are critical to learning the next steps in the intermediate grades. It was revealed  this week and sadden me, that students have BIG "gaps" in their education. By the upper grades those gaps become a canyon.

If we notice the gaps, the students usually see it as a boulder holding them back from achieving their potential. 
As teacher, or parent, we become frustrated and then start placing blame or get upset at the teacher, parent, or student.  Like in the blind men and the elephant fable, we need to focus on the BIGGER picture. 
 Our job as the adults in "our" childrens' lives is to educate them and raise them up from "boulders" or obstacles. It is not an easy solution, but a critical one.  As the caregivers, we need to sit back and see the whole picture to fill in the gaps.

My revelation,solution, this week is to love, care, and fill in gaps along the way.  My favorite professor says, "a good teacher (even parent) can teach their student anything with even a bunch of rocks."  So as we are approaching the state tests and we are on the downhill of the school year (Hooray for 100th day!), we need to teach the teachable moments and not stir up emotions while we teach.  When the child has reached their breaking point, or we have, no one is learning anymore.  I've exposed the "elephant in the room".... now begin to see the BIGGER picture and love those kids (even the ones that don't seem to respond to it).