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The Diary of a Grad Student

We are a community of learners!

I am currently in my practicum and I just started this blog. I felt it was necessary to document for myself, if no one else, what I learned on the way to becoming a Reading Specialist. I will be graduating in 8 short months and I am super excited.

Here are some of my diary entries/notes from my readings, research, and practice....

Previously created Prezi on Assessing Students


Literacy in the 21st Century
The first chapter discusses how to Become an Effective Teacher of Reading.  The chapter states 8 Principles these effective reading teachers should have in their classroom belief and design. 
The principle that jumped out at me the most is 3: Effective Teachers Create a Community of Learners.
There is a figure in this section that displays the teacher's role and students' role. 

Characteristics of a Community of Learners (check out this link to access the Google doc, I am still learning how to use it)  This is a fabulous checklist to see if you are really have a community of learners.
*The above Wordle was used with all the text from this document. I think it is fantastic to see that the student and teacher are equal in size, which means they are both key vocabulary in a classrom of a community of learners. Community of Learners Wordle