Awesome Awards

Awesome Awards
My 1st Ever Award!!!

Versatile Blogger

Versatile Blogger
I love awards!!!

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This and That

This is a page dedicated to great finds on the web and a little of the things That I love...

I Love That Teaching Idea

Teachers Pay Teachers- Live Learn Teach - Great resources for finding relative material needed for a lesson. Best part is you are paying the teacher that created the activity. Think of all those activities you have created, you can let other teachers use it and make some $.

Top 12 Video Writing Prompts for 2011  This a fabulous resource for your classroom, especially if you have a projector in your class. A free "word cloud" art that takes the text and highlights the key vocabulary.     Assessment Prezi
We Give Books  FREE FREE FREE online books! Amazing foundation! The more FREE books you read, the more books they give to the cause.