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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Multiplication Treasure!

Ahoy Mateys! I feel like I started this year, smooth sailing...but I guess I boarded the SS Minnow and instead of getting through a 4 hour trip, I ended up tossed & jolted, or bumped. At about 4 weeks, I was "bumped" or moved to another campus.  My original class number was low (I hate to mention it because I know that in other states their standard class numbers are WAY higher than our state max) 16 to be exact, but I wasn't the lowest in my "former" team.
Although, I sort of felt deserted on a stranded island, I still had lots of hope.  I had heard nothing but great things about my new school & all of those comments are very true! Although, I still left a piece of my heart with my yellow jackets, I'm loving being a Tiger!!!  In fact, my team are pirates so I guess I was taken with them (pirates) to help find the "buried treasure." ( that was my attempt to reference How Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long)

But with much ado, I did find some treasure...Multiplication Treasure!  My new campus struggles in math, which I find the hardest to teach because it comes so natural for me.  I find myself getting upset and hear my inner pirate want to tell them to "walk the plank." So now I'm on the search for anything interactive, fun, exciting to bring my little pirate-teers to be great mathematicians.  I decided to share all my "booty."  I hope you find these helpful for your students.  If you use anything that your kids love, please Pin It &/or leave comments!

Fair winds!!!!

They loved this one...Warning: Your kids will sing it all the rest of the day!

Super Teacher Worksheets has three great free activities:
I Have, Who Has? Multiplication Game
Multiplication Memory

Wheel Multiplication worksheet 


  1. Dad's Worksheets has printable multiplication worksheets that you can use for your class, Christina. :)

    They also have Multiplication Table and Multiplication Chart perfect for kids who are still learning the times table. <3

  2. To Download 1000's of such for this year thanksgiving from our collection of thanksgiving multiplication math worksheets. Scroll through grades or topics and click to print or download. No payment required.

    These worksheets are colorful, printable, downloadable and story based worksheets where K5 kids can practice math by doing coloring, drawing and solving puzzles.