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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fact vs. Opinion

Do you want to go to college? Yes, please!

We had College Week in our district. Our ELAR learning objective for the week was Fact vs. Opinion. I showed my fourth students YOUniversity TV Texas colleges and they fell in love with the information they were given from these videos. So in true teachable moments, we threw out the other plans I had to teach them Fact & Opinion and decided to use this real world application to their new favorite topic, college. There are more facts than opinions in these videos, but it was a great learning tool for them. I loved all the discussions and questions they asked me about college.
In whole group, we watched a video a day. They were instructed to find the facts and opinions and write them down in their interactive notebook. After the video was over they shared with their "shoulder partner," what they learned and their opinion of the school. At the end of the week, they had to write a paper telling me the facts and their opinion of their school of choice. Most of my students’ school of choice, is my alma mater, University of Houston. Go Coogs!

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